Germy Villains

Germy villains are the enemy of handwashing, and we want to make them disappear down the drain!

  • Coal eye jake

    Coal Eye Jake

    Bacteria/E. coli

    Coal Eye Jake has big black coal eyes. He doesn’t work hard, eats anything that he finds and picks up garbage as he wanders the world. He drags around his signature scumbag, constantly spilling and spreading an assortment of creepy crawly creatures wherever he tromps. He represents bacteria and Escherichia coli.

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  • Wheezy spew

    Wheezy Spew

    Influenza (the flu)

    Wheezy Spew is a snotty, drippy mess who doesn’t move fast, but her nose is constantly running. She loves to wear active running gear like she might join a race somewhere, but the only thing running is her nose. She has a horrible habit of putting her finger up her nose just in case there is something interesting to find up there.

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  • Stinky sam and shiggy

    Stinky Sam and Shiggy

    Salmonella and Shigella

    Stinky Sam is a pirate cowboy who doesn’t like cooked food. He hates washing his hands and anything clean. He rides his horse Shiggy who always agrees with him. Shiggy is a stinky horse leaving his manure everywhere he goes. This pirate cowboy and horse team is happiest when you forget to use a thermometer on your cooked food or don’t wash your hands.

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  • Mr crampy pants

    Mr. Crampy Pants


    Mr. Crampy Pants is an old crabby germ with no time for cooked food or handwashing. He is always complaining or grumbling about stomach cramps or a headache. He can sometimes break wind in the most embarrassing moments. He is always saying “Why waste the fuel or energy to cook food properly?”

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  • Sticky nora

    Sticky Nora


    Nora wants to hug and kiss everyone, sharing her precious germs with every person, item and surface she touches. She is a social person who loves her phone, taking pictures and sharing them on social media. She wants everyone to eat off the same spoon or fork so you don’t have to wash more than one. As she always says “It’s all about sharing! I love viral!”

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  • Coughing cora

    Coughing Cora


    Coughing Cora has a constant cough and is always spreading her germs wherever she goes. She has a bouncy nature and is very social. Her phlegm comes from her mouth and all her spouts so you may need a mask or a face shield when she is nearby.

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