Meet the Scrub Club®

Our heroes — Carry, Slick, Patience and Buff — want to make you a Scrub Club® fan! Follow these handwashing steps to defeat the germy villains by washing them down the drain.

Watch the video

The handwashing heroes in the video aren’t the only ones who help fight germs. Our newest hero, Maskwell, helps save the day by fighting germs that spread from our noses and mouth. He likes to say that by wearing a mask, you protect yourself and you protect others.

  • Carry


    Carry knows the importance of water in handwashing. She is a strong and confident leader, positively charged, always smiling and quick to laugh. She helps dissolve fear and anxiety about the yucky, germy villains. She has a huge heart and is always watching out for everyone. She works hard to keep germs from sticking to your hands after Slick and Patience have done their parts. Your job as a Scrub Club® hero is to make sure you wet your hands before using soap AND to rinse them well after scrubbing!

  • Slick


    Slick is a bubbly kind of hero who loves to pop in and get your hands ready to scrub the germs down the drain! He is sporty, active, always foaming with enthusiasm and has a humorous way to turn tension into laughter. While a bit hyperactive, he is a sensitive soul and tuned-in to his teammates’ feelings. Slick reminds you to put the soap all over your hands, making bubbles along the way.

  • Patience


    Patience calmly shows her unselfish strength in an easygoing way. She is cheerful yet quieter and more thoughtful than the others. She always sports a timepiece, and practices tai chi to the Scrub Club® handwashing song. Patience's superpower is providing her everlasting wisdom and encouragement when others are in a hurry, rushed or hyper. Patience always says “Take your time!” for 20 seconds of scrubbing soap around your fingers, wrists, palms and the tops of your hands, and reminds you to pay special attention to your fingernails and in between your fingers. Her job is done when you have successfully scrubbed for the full 20 seconds!

  • Buff


    Whether buffing water away with a towel or warm air, Buff, the windy robot, flies around making sure you dry your hands well. He is solid and strong, and his superpower is his focus on a thorough clean-up and finish to every mission. He is kind, clever and confident. While letting Carry take the lead, he is the one who always makes sure things end well for our Scrub Club® handwashing heroes. He always says “If you’re still wet, you’re not done yet!”

  • Maskwell


    Maskwell traps germs quicker than the fastest race car! As a science teacher, Maskwell always has helpful tips to protect us and stop us from spreading germs. He loves to share his knowledge and can be funny when he starts to dance!Maskwell knows germs like Coughing Cora and Wheezy Spew can make us sick so he gives us easy ways to protect ourselves and others. By wearing your mask, you help protect others and by keeping 6 feet apart, you protect yourself too.Maskwell says, “Always remember to wash your hands the Scrub Club® way before putting on, touching or taking off your mask.”Maskwell reminds us that wearing a mask traps the germs in! When you discard your disposable mask or put your cotton mask in the washer on the warm wash cycle, it’s “Goodbye germs!”