Meet the Scrub Club

The fearless and spotless leader of the Scrub Club®, Ship-Shape, monitors the hands of the world’s children by scouring the Earth with his bubble telescope. When he finds BAC on somebody’s hands, he calls on the Scrub Club® to spring into action.

Look at the steps below to learn how each Scrub Clubber helps fight BAC.

The 6 Steps of Handwashing

  1. 1

    Handwashing Step #1

    Hot Shot and Chill remind you to wet your hands with warm water.

  2. 2

    Handwashing Step #2

    When you see Squeaks you know it’s time to apply soap.

  3. 3

    Handwashing Step #3

    Taki keeps time while you rub your hands together (between the fingers, too) - for 20 seconds. If you can’t count that high, count to 10 two times in a row - that makes 20!

  4. 4

    Handwashing Step #4

    Scruff makes sure that you don’t forget your fingernails.

  5. 5

    Handwashing Step #5

    Tank and his ever-present milkshake remind you to rinse away all the soap.

  6. 6

    Handwashing Step #6

    P.T. shows you how to dry your hands with a paper towel or warm hand dryer.

The Scrub Clubbers

Select a character below to learn more about them.

Chill turns into a cold water faucet, and works with her little brother, Hot Shot, to make the warm water needed for handwashing.

Hobby: Chillin’
Favorite phrase: “Way cool” or if something’s super cool, “Super cool”
Favorite day of the year: The coldest day of the year, of course

Hot Shot turns into a hot water faucet and, when he works with his big sister, Chill, makes the warm water needed for handwashing.

Favorite pastime: A good ol’ fashioned game of “hot potato”
Favorite foods: Hot dogs and hot chocolate
Favorite saying: “BAC gets my blood boiling”

Squeaks turns into different kinds of soap, from bars of all sizes to pumps of all kinds. He’s an important part of fighting BAC.

Favorite show: Any soap opera
Least favorite movie: The Dirty Dozen
Favorite TV anchorman: Dan Lather

Outgoing and friendly, Taki turns into a clock and likes to say: “Rub your hands together and give me 20!”

Newspaper of choice: The Times (any Times)
Favorite landmark: Big Ben
Biggest pet peeve: People always asking her for the time of day

Always down to earth, Scruff is the Scrub Clubber who helps you remember that the handwashing job isn’t done until the nails are clean.

Hobby: Spinning records (but only the clean versions)
Guilty pleasure: Soaking his fingernails
Favorite song: “So Fresh and So Clean”

The strong and silent type, Tank turns into a sink and shows kids when they rinse away soap, they’re also rinsing away germs.

Favorite shake: Strawberry
Favorite pitch: The sinker
Best feature: His singing voice (no really, he’s got a great set of pipes)

An artsy girl with a dry sense of humor and cool sense of style, P.T. can turn into paper towels with all sorts of different colors and patterns so hands get completely dried.

Special skill: Origami
How she sees herself: Complex. Make that multi-plied.
Favorite accessory: Her hand-held dryer