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Tips for Teaching Handwashing

  1. Consider creating a handwashing chart at home that tracks each time your child washes their hands. Perhaps they receive a prize or reward at the end of a good handwashing week.
  2. Take pictures of places germs live in your child's environment, such as the dog or doorknobs, and post them near sinks, on the refrigerator or near your child’s handwashing chart. This will serve as a reminder of when they need to wash their hands.
  3. In order for your child to comprehend the required 20 seconds for washing your hands, have them count to 10 twice or sing the Scrub Club® handwashing song together.
  4. Print out 10 BAC coloring pages from, have your child color them and tape them to everything your child touches for 1/2 an hour. It will help them visualize how they themselves pick up and spread bacteria.
  5. Cook a meal with your child, emphasizing the importance of washing your hands both before and after.