Villain Gallery


The kingpin of all bacteria, he can pop up everywhere and anywhere without being seen by the naked eye. He has millions of bacteria, parasites and infections at his disposal to help him carry out his grimy deeds.

Select a villain below to learn about their dirty rotten ways.

  • E. Coli

    Big E considers himself the king (”Thank you, thank you very much”) of foodborne illnesses.

    E. coli can be found in almost every animal. So anytime we eat something, drink something or touch our hands on something that has either been a part of or has been near where animals are, there is always a chance E. coli can get inside our bodies and make us sick.

  • Influenza Enzo

    (a.k.a. Flu) The godfather of all viruses. He’ll make you a fever you can’t refuse.

    Influenza is called the “flu” for short. And the flu makes it really hard for you to breathe. It can also be spread from person to person if you cough or sneeze without covering your mouth and nose with a tissue. So if you’re coughing or sneezing, make sure to cover up, and wash your hands often to help keep yourself and others from getting sick.

  • Sal Monella

    As BAC’s rotten-tootin’ sidekick, he gives cowboys a bad name (not to mention an upset stomach).

    Salmonella is a type of bacteria that can form on all sorts of foods that are either raw or were taken out of the oven before they were cooked all the way through – foods like eggs, chicken, milk and cheese, fish, fruits and veggies. That’s important to know because if you eat those types of foods and they have Salmonella on them, you might end up with a really upset tummy.

  • Shigella

    A diseased diva with a flirtatious personality that’s super contagious.

    Like Salmonella, the Shigella germ can also cause you to get an upset stomach. It can easily be passed from one person to another person, which means it spreads quickly and a lot of people could get sick pretty fast. That’s why we need to wash our hands the right way – so we can help keep ourselves and those around us safer.

  • Campy Lobacter

    This cheesy comedian spreads infections that are no laughing matter.

    Like Campylobacter can make people sick if they eat foods like meat and poultry that are either raw or haven’t been cooked right. Drinking dirty water or raw milk that has not been heated to a high temperature to kill germs can also make you sick. But there are all sorts of ways you can stay healthy – like handling and cooking your food the right way, using clean water and, you guessed it, washing your hands the Scrub Club® way!